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Mejores prácticas de dispositivos

Pautas para mantener su dispositivo yimagen software funcionando sin problemas


In order to ensure that your device is performing optimally and is supporting your imaet software, some best practices to remember are:

Install Windows Updates regularly as they become available.  Failure to do so will negatively affect your device's performance and can interfere with your imaet software. You can check for available updates by clicking on Start (Windows icon) on your taskbar at the bottom of your desktop > Settings > Windows Update.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you check for Windows Updates on a WEEKLY basis.  PLEASE NOTE: Driver updates are NOT INCLUDED in routine Windows Updates.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you check for driver updates MONTHLY.  These updates are accessed by clicking on Start > Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Optional Updates.  Failure to keep these drivers updated can result in software malfunction.  Please watch the below tutorial for help locating and downloading driver updates:




Shut down your device at the end of the day and boot it up fresh the next time you use it.  Simply putting it to sleep without properly shutting it down between uses can lead to performance issues and glitches.

Keep in mind that Anit-Virus Software and Anti-Malware Software may interfere with the imaet program and may cause glitching, crashing and/or freezing.  It is highly recommended that these programs not run scans while the imaet software is in use.

It is highly recommended that you keep your device plugged into a power source while running the imaet program to prevent power throttling.  In the alternative, keep the battery above 30% to reduce power throttling.  As the device's battery starts to lose power, the Operating System will throttle the use of programs to save battery life and reduce temperature.  This throttling affects the imaet program's performance and can cause lagging and/or crashing.

It is highly recommended that you use the device loaded with the imaet software exclusively for the operation of your imaet program.  We do not recommend installing or running any other programs on this device or using it for any other functions.  Doing so may affect the performance of your imaet software.


During the operation of your imaet software, ensure that the imaet program is not running in multiple windows.  If you open the imaet program while it is already running, it will cause severe performance issues and glitches.  To check to see if it is already open or opened in multiple windows, hold down ctrl+alt+delete on your keyboard to launch the Task Manager.  Once open, if the imaet program is listed under Apps, right click it and choose End Task.

While using the Search function in the Allergen Panel, you MUST use the Clear button to remove any previously entered text from the Search Field before entering a new search term.  Failure to do so could result in serious panel failure requiring a Technical Support appointment to correct it.  Please note: a service fee of $100 may apply to such service appointments.

Ensure that you are closing out of the program after each session and starting each session with a fresh boot of the program.  Failure to do so will result in glitching and crashing.  This is a performance issue we are working on eliminating for a future update.

The Biofield Panel is intended for advanced users.  If you are having difficulty using the Biofield Panel, please consider utilizing the Allergen Panel.  New users should use the Allergen Panel rather than the Biofield Panel until after having completed the QBA Training or 6 months of use.

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